When you start getting into photography using a Nikon D850 camera, an important accessory to consider is a battery grip. It can improve how your camera works and how long it lasts. Choosing the right battery grip is about more than just technical details. It’s a decision that can affect how you work and how much you enjoy taking photos. Each key factor is important and they all work together to help you operate your camera smoothly, make it last longer, and ensure it works with all your gear. Exploring different battery grips for the Nikon D850 reveals many things to think about, going beyond the basics to give you more options for better photos.

See our guide to the best battery grip for nikon d850.

Compatibility with Nikon D850

When choosing a battery grip for your Nikon D850, it’s essential to consider compatibility. The Nikon D850 is a top-notch DSLR camera known for its great performance and versatility. Picking the right battery grip that works well with it is crucial. Using a battery grip that is made specifically for the D850 ensures that it will work seamlessly and efficiently with your camera. If you use a battery grip that isn’t compatible, you could face issues like short battery life, trouble connecting, or even damage to your equipment. So, it’s important to prioritize compatibility to get the most out of your Nikon D850 when using a battery grip.

Choosing a battery grip made for the Nikon D850 not only improves your overall photography experience but also gives you more power and stability, especially during long photo sessions. A compatible battery grip will match the D850’s design perfectly, giving you a comfortable grip and easy access to essential controls without sacrificing performance. By selecting a battery grip designed specifically for the D850, you can maximize your camera’s potential, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos with ease and accuracy. Ultimately, making sure the battery grip you choose is compatible with your Nikon D850 is key to enhancing your photography experience and unlocking your camera setup’s full capabilities.

Battery capacity and type

When you’re thinking about buying a battery grip for your Nikon D850 camera, one of the most important things to consider is the battery capacity and type it works with. Choosing a battery grip with a high capacity can help you take photos for longer periods without having to constantly stop and change the battery. This not only makes things more convenient, but also reduces the chances of missing important shots because the battery is dead.

It’s also a good idea to pick a battery grip that works with a reliable battery type known for lasting a long time. Investing in a battery grip that works well with top-quality batteries like Lithium-ion can give you a sense of security during long photography sessions, reassuring you that your equipment can handle the demands of professional photography.

By combining a high-capacity battery with a reliable battery type, you can improve your overall experience using the Nikon D850 camera. This lets you focus on your creativity without worrying about running out of battery power. Choosing a battery grip that meets these criteria can help you unlock the full potential of your camera, ensuring smooth operation and top performance.

In the end, focusing on battery capacity and compatibility when choosing a battery grip for the Nikon D850 can greatly improve your productivity and enhance your photography experience. It can make taking photos more efficient and enjoyable.

Grip design and ergonomics

When choosing a battery grip for your Nikon D850 camera, the design and feel of the grip are important for making your photography experience better. A good grip can make it easier to handle your camera comfortably, especially during long photo sessions or challenging conditions. A well-designed grip that fits your hand well can reduce fatigue and give you more control over your camera, so you can focus on taking great photos without being distracted. Investing in a battery grip with a solid, comfortable design can improve your shooting experience and help you take more stable and precise photos, giving you the confidence to be creative.

When thinking about the design of a battery grip for your Nikon D850, focusing on ergonomics can improve your photography and comfort. A grip that feels natural and secure can help you take photos more easily and accurately, so you can focus on framing shots and expressing your creativity without feeling uncomfortable or unstable. Choosing a battery grip with a well-thought-out ergonomic design can make your workflow smoother and allow you to switch between different shooting styles and positions effortlessly, ensuring you can capture every moment confidently. The right grip design can enhance your photography experience, giving you the comfort and support you need to unleash your creativity and capture amazing images effortlessly.

Weather-sealing and durability

When deciding whether to buy a battery grip for your Nikon D850, one important thing to consider is weather-sealing. With more photographers taking pictures outdoors, having a battery grip with top-notch weather-sealing can make a big difference. A weather-sealed battery grip protects your camera from things like rain, snow, and dust. It also helps your gear last longer. This extra protection ensures that your Nikon D850 and battery grip will hold up over time, so you can focus on capturing amazing moments without worrying about bad weather.

It’s also crucial to choose a durable battery grip for your Nikon D850. A strong and sturdy battery grip not only gives you a good grip and makes it easier to handle your camera, but also gives you confidence that your gear will work well during long shooting sessions. Choosing a durable battery grip shows that you’re committed to getting good performance over time. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your gear can handle the demands of professional photography. By picking a weather-sealed and durable battery grip for your Nikon D850, you’re not only protecting your investment, but also giving yourself the freedom to be creative in any photo shoot situation.

Additional features such as vertical shutter release or custom buttons

When you’re thinking about buying a battery grip for your Nikon D850, extra features like a vertical shutter release and custom buttons can really enhance your photography experience. The vertical shutter release gives you a more comfortable grip for taking portrait pictures, making it easier to capture scenes from different angles while keeping your camera steady. Custom buttons let you personalize your camera setup by assigning specific functions to them, making it easy to access and operate them quickly.

These features help make your workflow smoother and give you more control and flexibility when taking photos. Adding these extras to your battery grip can make your Nikon D850 even more versatile, catering to different photography styles and preferences. The vertical shutter release and custom buttons are practical additions that meet the needs of both professional photographers and enthusiasts, allowing them to express their creativity freely.

While the basic functions of a battery grip are important for long photo sessions, having these advanced features can take your photography to the next level. They offer convenience, precision, and innovation that can help you achieve outstanding results.


The battery grip for the Nikon D850 is a useful accessory that improves the camera’s performance and makes taking photos more enjoyable. It has a longer battery life, makes it easier to hold the camera, and helps with shooting pictures vertically. Both professional photographers and hobbyists can benefit from using a battery grip. Adding this accessory to your camera gear can help you be more creative and take better photos with efficiency and accuracy.

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